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Dr Mrinmayee Mukund

Dr Mrinmayee is one of the leading dermatologists in Chembur,  Mumbai, 

She has studied MBBS and MD Dermatology from Maharashtra University of Health Sciences. After completion of MD Dermatology, she has undergone specialized training in Aesthetic Dermatology, Clinical Cosmetology, treating pigmentary disorders, and anti-aging treatments. 


She has an overall experience of 8 years in Dermatology and cosmetology while working as a Consultant in various Dermatology Departments, Postgraduate teaching Institutes in dermatology and Cosmetology Centres across Mumbai. 

She has honed her skills in facial aesthetics and laser therapy,  Her main areas of interest are acne and acne scar treatment, facial rejuvenation, hair fall treatment, treatment for pigmentation and skin brightening, skin allergy and fungal infections and anti-ageing treatments.                            


Dr Mrinmayee Mukund believes the key to looking great is not about aiming for wrinkle-free skin but to look fresh and radiant.

She specializes in skincare and injectable facelifts. She believes in combining high-tech beauty devices with hardworking skincare products.

She is passionate about skincare and believes skin aging is reversible. He developed her specialized skincare products  five years ago and uses her knowledge in cosmeceutical ingredients and natural products to revitalize the skin’s regenerating system, Facial rejuvenation,


Some of the services offered at the clinic are chemical peeling, comedones extraction, dermaroller (micro-needling), platelet-rich plasma treatment, vampire facial, molluscum extraction, milia extraction, skin punch biopsy, mole, skin tag, wart removal, intralesional steroid injections for keloid and hypertrophic scars, ear/nose piercing with a piercing gun, mesotherapy, glutathione injections for skin brightening, dermabrasion, vitiligo punch grafting, Bridal makeover packages,  She has specialised training in Laser therapy, 


She has published articles on Laser therapy in Acne Scar treatment, She has also published articles on Microneedling and derma roller treatment in Acne scars, She also writes on Skin Care routine, Skin Care, and Facial rejuvenation through her blogs.

Treatment and services 


Allergy testing and treatment 


Skin diseases 

Skin tag removal 

Skin glow treatment 

Facial scar treatment 

Surgical wound scar treatment 

Hair fall removal

Hair transplant 

Laser Hair removal



Dermaroller treatment 

Skin BRIGHTENING Injections 

Skin glow treatment 

Facial scar treatment 

Skin Biopsy 

Punch biopsy 

Psoriasis treatment 

Hypertrophic scar treatment 


Facial rejuvenation 

Diabetic Skin lesions

Menopausal Skin diseases

Postmenopausal skincare

Anti-aging treatment 

Certifications & Professional Memberships


Indian Association of Dermatologists, Venereologist and Leprologist

Association of Medical Consultants Mumbai

Vidarbha Dermatological Society

Maharashtra Medical Council, Mumbai

Cosmetic Dermatology Society of India

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